Audubon Centennial Edition  The Birds of America

Plate: 234
Ring-necked Duck
Plate: 142
American Sparrow Hawk
Plate: 182
Ground Dove
Plate: 050
Swainson\'s Warbler


The following respected Audubon authorities have graciously affirmed their professional evaluation of the "Audubon Centennial Edition."

“No matter how many editions of Audubon’s work appear, one’s heart leaps at seeing once again the incredible beauty of his work. Now comes the Audubon Centennial Edition of ‘The Birds of America’, which is surely destined to be among the best of them all.
Susanne H. Low
Author of "The Guide to Audubon’s Birds of America"


“The Audubon Centennial Edition of ‘The Birds of America’ captures both the spirit and exquisite detail of Audubon’s great bibliographic masterpiece.”

Dr. Robert Peck
Senior Fellow and Librarian of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 

“For all around quality and value, the Audubon Centennial Edition facsimile prints are the best you can buy.”

Ron Flynn
Author of "Modern Audubon Birds of America DEF Editions - A Complete Review"

 “Without doubt, Audubon’s birds are one of America’s great art treasures. Most previous prints of Audubon’s work reproduce the faded colors of the Havell Folios from which they were made. Now, in the new Audubon Centennial Edition, Audubon’s Elephant Folio of ‘The Birds of America’ – his magnificent obsession, can be seen in a new light. Modern digital technology has lifted the veil of foxing and fading to restore the vibrant, true to life colors of his originals, as they must have looked when the Elephant Folio first appeared. As a wildlife artist, I am impressed.”

Albert Earl Gilbert
Past President, Society of Animal Artists, Winner of Federal Duck Stamp (78-79 Competition)

"The Audubon Centennial Edition facsimile prints are a rare combination of technical excellence and practical value. They should be the first choice of knowledgeable Audubon collectors."

J. Gilbert Johnston, Jr.
Founder of Antique Nature Prints and noted lecturer on the Art and Science of Natural History


"I had the privilege to meet Robert Hall in May at Ann Jackson Gallery and was simply stunned by the quality of the Audubon Centennial Edition prints that he had on display. Robert was very easy to talk to and explained in detail the process and procedure that he went through to create this edition. The only difficult part was deciding on what prints I wanted. I ultimately purchased the "Painted Finch," Centennial Edition Number 53, and "Cerulean Warbler," Centennial Edition Number 48. Both of these birds have a very special meaning to me personally, and I have them prominently displayed as a major focal point in our home. The accompanying Certificate of Authenticity, Description of Bird, and bio on John J. Audubon made this purchase a true investment."

Steve Frazier
Marietta, Georgia


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