Audubon Centennial Edition  The Birds of America

Plate: 034
Worm-Eating Warbler
Plate: 065
Rathbone Warbler
Plate: 063
White-eyed Flycatcher or Vireo
Plate: 133
Black-poll Warbler
Plate: 020
Blue Winged Yellow Warbler
Plate: 110
Hooded Warbler
Pine Warbler
Havell Name
Vigors Vireo

Common Name
Pine Warbler

Havell Plate No.

Paper Size
39" x 28"

Image Size
16" x 9"

$ 600


Ornithological Biography
I regret that I am unable to give any account of the habits of a species which I have honoured with the name of a naturalist whose merits are so well know to the learned world. The individual represented in the , I shot upwards of twenty years ago, and have never met with another of its kind. It was in the month of May, on a small island of the Perkioming Creek, forming part of my farm of Mill Grove, in the State of Pennsylvania. The was flittering amongst grasses, uttering an often repeated cheep.

The plant on which it is represented is that on which it was perched when I shot it, and is usually called Spider-wort. It grow in damp and shady places, as well as sometimes in barren lands, near the banks of brooks.


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